An additional 583,000 permanent residents came to Florida last year

An additional 583,000 permanent residents came to Florida last year

One of the relatively accurate methods of counting new permanent residents is the driving licenses issuance statistics. In 2022, more than half a million people changed their old driving licenses for new ones issued in Florida, probably succumbing to the charm of the tropical climate, favorable tax regime, and, perhaps, political views of the majority of the population and the Governor of the Sunshine State.

Last year, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles entered into its database 583,200 new people who exchanged driving licenses issued in another state for Florida ones. This is 28% greater than the average value over the past six years and 36,200 people more than during the 2021 migration wave fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The data from the US Census Bureau published in December 2022 confirms this trend. The Florida population increased by 1.9% last year, which is more than anywhere else in the USA.

Stefan Rayer, Population Program Director, Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Florida, notes that the greatest influx of population comes from the northeast and a few other large states, such as Illinois and California.

The majority of new Floridians came from abroad: 115, 465 new residents, which is 42% greater than the average for the last six years (it should be noted, however, that international migration dropped sharply during the pandemic). New York was the leader among US states, providing 61,205 people to the Florida population. New Jersey came second (30,837 people), and California, third (28,957 people).

With such great numbers of new residents, it is not surprising that the demand for housing is extremely high in the Florida real estate market, which promises considerable profits to investors and owners of rental homes.

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