An opulent mansion in Vero Beach, Florida, is listed for $60 million

An opulent mansion in Vero Beach, Florida, is listed for $60 million

Villa Paradiso is situated in the city of Vero Beach 120 km north of Palm Beach. This beautiful place on the ocean coast currently attracts super-rich buyers, causing the prices to skyrocket. The previous house value record was set in Vero Beach in 2021, when an oceanfront estate sold for $27 million.

The off-plan Villa Paradiso, which is currently at the construction stage, is scheduled for commissioning in about a year but it is already listed for an incredible $60 million. The price includes a land plot of approximately 10,000 sq m on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 45 m of beachfront, and a house with a floor area of 1,400 sq m.

Besides the mansions with seven full-scale bedrooms, the landscape-design grounds accommodate a separate two-bedroom guest house, a pavilion with a spa, a juice bar, a small cold-water plunge pool, and two more swimming pools, one of them 22 m long.

The style of the main house can be characterized as tropical luxury. A mirror-surface pond with water streaming down carved stones will be built by the entrance. A glazed skylight will be made in the roof. Other amenities include a spacious home cinema, a wine cellar for 1,400 bottles, and two elevators. There will also be an outdoor bar, a fireplace, a pizza oven, an outdoor kitchen, and several lounge areas with a fresh breeze.

Villa Paradiso boasts a prime location and the full range of upscale amenities. Even if no buyer is ready to shell out $60 million for this mansion, it will probably set a new price record for Vero Beach in any case.

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