Billionaires’ choice: where in Florida Jeff Bezos’ parents purchase real estate

Billionaires’ choice: where in Florida Jeff Bezos’ parents purchase real estate

TMZ writes that the parents of Jeff Bezos, the famous American entrepreneur who founded Amazon, purchased a property in Florida. Jackie and Mike (Jeff’s mother and adoptive father) opted for a glamorous mansion in Coral Gables, a town in Miami Dade County. The floor area of this six-bedroom and seven-bathroom residence exceeds 1,100 m2. It cost the billionaire’s parents USD 34 million.

The estate built in 1996 and extended last year sprawls across almost two acres of land. Renovators made sure that future residents have access to a wide range of exclusive amenities. Jackie and Mike’s kitchen has already been dubbed an “epicurean dream” by the media, as it is equipped with a modern food heater, a double oven, and a panoramic window overlooking the swimming pool. The estate also boasts an outdoor kitchen with a barbeque area, a wine cellar, a gym, and a rock climbing wall.

And that’s not all. The Real Deal news outlet reports that Forgotten Fountain LLC, a company associated with Bezos Family Foundation, purchased a 6-bedroom and 6-bathroom house next door with an area of 808 m2 for USD 44 million.

Florida real estate is lately sought-after by both buyers with a limited budget and wealthy persons, such as Bezos’ parents. This trend is hardly inexplicable. The Sunshine State boasts a nice climate, quality residences with a wide selection of luxurious amenities, and high returns.

In the second quarter of 2022, the supply began to reduce as the demand kept growing, so investors wishing to enhance their portfolio with a high-yield Florida asset should make haste.

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