First 3D-printed house is listed for sale in Tampa

First 3D-printed house is listed for sale in Tampa

The first 3D-printed house in Tampa, Florida was listed for sale at a price of $599,300. On Friday, a startup called Click, Print, Home signed a partnership agreement with Compass Florida, a broker firm, to list this three-bedroom and two-bathroom property at 7509 S Shamrock Road.

A statement from Matt Gibson, Co-Founder and President at Click, Print, Home, says the construction process will take approximately six months from start to finish after the buyer signs the contract. This is about half the time it takes to build a conventional house.

In Mr. Gibson’s opinion, this technology can transform Florida’s construction industry and expand the supply of affordable housing.

Alquist 3D from Iowa will provide a 3D printer. Robotic hands will layer concrete to create the house frame. This is a more precise process than using human labor and will reduce the waste volume by about 95%.

The finished product will also be approximately four times stronger than a regular concrete house. Such property will be more resilient to wind, water, and termites, which is essential for Florida, Mr. Gibson says. He also notes that if this project is successful, he will build an entire community of 3D-printed houses. A similar project is already being implemented in Texas.

This is the most efficient method of building a house, Mr. Gibson believes. In the future, it will be the only way of real estate construction – it’s just a matter of time.

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