Florida real estate agent explains why purchasing upscale properties is trending this year

Florida real estate agent explains why purchasing upscale properties is trending this year

Roger Pettingell is an agent specializing in high-end properties with over $2 billion in sales. Sarasota has been his home since he moved here in 1983. It is now one of the fastest-growing markets of upscale real estate across the country. Pettingell’s experience in this area made him the state’s leading real estate agent and his understanding of the market can help aspiring agents and buyers to realize what to expect in the future.

The high consumer demand will stimulate construction of new upscale real estate and support the economy of Sarasota, Roger believes. He also noted that the growing value of local properties encouraged many people to invest. For instance, house prices in Sarasota have grown by a whopping 22% over the past year alone. Many other US cities are demonstrating a similar growth.

Pettingell explains that now is the perfect time to invest in the Sarasota high-end real estate market. The demand is expected to grow in the nearest future, while the supply will remain low. One of the reasons for such growth was the COVID-19 pandemic that forced many people to realize the importance of having luxurious amenities at home and being able to enjoy them without worrying about the limitations on the freedom of movement. Moreover, many people have discovered that top-notch amenities quickly became important drivers for maintaining one’s physical health and wellbeing, as people were working from home, not going to the office five days a week.

As the demand for elite real estate is growing, developers have begun to focus on increasing the supply in this segment. And Sarasota, one of the most beautiful cities in South Florida, has become the best place in which to build new properties. Purchasing a luxurious home in this sunny city is a great investment at the moment, as the value of local real estate keeps increasing.

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