Miami, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville are in the top 3 best cities to live in Florida

Miami, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville are in the top 3 best cities to live in Florida

Florida used to be considered a place where retirees could spend their silver years in peace and quiet but now this is a true American dream for all generations. The permanent population of the Sunshine State is about 22 million people drawn here by the warm weather, over 1,600 km of coastline, a generous tax regime, and the philosophy of “live and let others live”.

Florida has small towns and megalopolises, charming natural reserves and luxurious hotels, funny local traditions, and even a string of tropical islands reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Of course the state cannot boast low prices because of the huge number of people willing to move here. As of this October, the average value of a house in Florida reached $406,876 (25% higher than in 2021), while the nationwide average is $357,589 and the annual growth is 13.5%, according to Zillow, the largest US real estate website.

These prices are set off by the high standard of living, no tax state on individual income, and numerous attractions and natural beauties. The unemployment rate in Florida was only 2.7% in October 2022, while the minimum wage was $10 per hour (compared to $7.25 in other parts of the US).

Miami rightfully occupies the first place in the rating of best Florida cities to live in. The average house value in the megalopolis is $474,701. Residents of this international financial, cultural, art, and trade hub enjoy a unique combination of business opportunities, the Floridian-Cuban culture, buzzing nightlife, fascinating history, and seaside leisure.

West Palm Beach comes second. It has retained the small town charm, with its historic housing and long-term locals, while being only an hour’s drive from Miami. The glamorous Palm Beach is just across the lagoon. A home in West Palm Beach costs $437,939 on average (a whopping 28.8% more than last year). The residents have numerous opportunities of employment and outdoor leisure (especially water sports, which snorkeling and SUP boarding fans are sure to appreciate). There are also plenty of art exhibitions, Broadway shows, cultural events, and outdoor amphitheatres hosting theatrical productions.

Jacksonville comes last in the top 3 nicest Florida places to live in. It’s the state’s largest city and one of the youngest ones (the average age of its residents is 36 years). A typical home costs $378,914 here, which is lower than the Florida average but higher than the nationwide average. Local beaches sprawl along 35 km, the sun shines 270 days a year, and public schools are the best in the state. Jacksonville also has more city parks than any other US city.

Such advantages make the real estate market in these and other Florida cities extremely attractive for investors and people willing to relocate there.

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