Prices in Southwest Florida are forecast to increase

Prices in Southwest Florida are forecast to increase

West Florida attracts newcomers with tropical beaches, sunny weather all year round, and the lack of state-level taxes, so the number of people willing to purchase a home here remains consistently high.

This region is now entering the high season that usually lasts from January through April, although “early birds” start coming in mid-November. Many of them will look for housing to relocate to Florida from higher-priced states, such as California and New York, so prices in the local market will increase too. A real estate expert noted that no urgent sale of properties at reduced prices should be expected, as there are two people willing to move to Florida per every one leaving it.

With the threat of hurricanes, new homes look particularly attractive, as they are usually built on higher ground, of materials capable to withstand the wind of up to 320 km/h. Many buyers therefore purchase land plots for subsequent development.

Real estate agents note that the highest return on investment can be expected if the property is located on the beachfront or features other advantages, such as proximity to a golf club or convenient facilities for docking yachts and motor boats.

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