South Florida’s high-end property market will experience a new surge

South Florida’s high-end property market will experience a new surge

Susan Rindley, South Florida Real Estate Agent and Expert, shared that buyers of upscale residences have been extremely careful over the past few months. But now that the US Senate elections are over, this segment is headed towards a new surge. Ms. Rindley specializes in waterfront estates and luxury condominiums in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale Beach, and South Beach Miami.

The interest rates have grown but they don’t usually affect the upscale property market, the expert notes. Buyers of high-end mansions are careful during the election period, however, because they want to watch how this affects the stock market. Now that the elections are over the luxury property market is going to have a strong season.

Ms. Rindley has recently closed her tenth deal in the current year, selling a house in Boca Raton for $18.6 million. Ten has always been her lucky number, she says, but it takes more than luck to sell real estate worth that much. Ms. Rindley is famous for her first-rate marketing and closing major deals. In 2022, she sold approximately $80 million worth of real estate – an average of $8 million per deal.

She believes herself to be particularly blessed with returning customers who come to her again and recommend her to their friends and relatives.

Ms. Rindley says that districts generating the highest returns in the new homes and upscale properties segment deserve particular attention. In Fort Lauderdale, the average price per square foot in such homes is $1,600 but properties are twice as expensive in a small exclusive waterfront community in Boca Raton where she has just closed her last deal. Susan observes how new homes in Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club sell for up to $3,100 per square foot. SRD Building Corporation from Boca Raton has to be given credit for its incredible work.

According to Ms. Rindley, these are some of the best homes in the market, where you don’t even need to hire an interior designer when the property is completed. Such residences surpass the standard level of average developers.

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