West Palm Beach and Tampa are among the top 5 best cities for remote work

West Palm Beach and Tampa are among the top 5 best cities for remote work

These two Florida cities were included in the list of best US locations for renting an apartment and working from home.

This rating was compiled based on the results of a study conducted by RentCafe. It assessed the cost of living, the rent, as well as opportunities for striking a healthy work/life balance. Cities from southern and southeast states, including South and North Carolina, were in the top positions. West Palm Beach and Tampa, Florida, were No. 3 and 4, respectively.

West Palm Beach is the best US city by Internet quality and speed, which is essential for remote work. The city is No. 4 nationwide by the air quality and No. 14, by short-term rentals affordability. The average rent here reaches $2,071 per month. Rents in South Florida are often sky-high, but the Sunshine State remains a popular destination for relocation.

Tampa turned out in the third place across the country by the demand for rentals. This city is one of the US champions by the number of remote workers. The average rent is $1,839 per month. An additional bonus for sports fans is the huge number of sports events, stadiums, etc. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (an American football club), Tampa Bay Lightning (a hockey club), and Tampa Bay Rays (a baseball club) all practice here.

Other Florida metropolitan areas nice for working from home are Jacksonville (No. 14 in the ranking), Orlando (No. 16), and Naples (No. 19).

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