TownHomes LLC

TownHomes LLC
Founded in 2005

TownHomes was founded in 2005 with the singular goal of providing Florida and Georgia’s home buyers with a level of quality and strength that was unheard of in the manufactured housing industry. This idea of strength and resilience runs through all facets of the TownHomes brand. When the housing market crisis hit, many of our competitors filed for bankruptcy, but TownHomes persevered. We refused to give up, and instead cut costs and hung on against all odds. In doing so, we’ve cultivated a legacy of weathering the storm and being there for our customers, no matter what. It’s fitting, then, that this very quality is so apparent in the manufactured homes we build – some are built so well, that they can withstand our worst hurricanes with only minimal damage, while the competition falls apart.

Although we strive to deliver a premium product, we’ll never sacrifice the affordability that makes prefab housing so attractive to so many Americans. TownHomes is a family-owned company, and we’d love for you to be a part of our story.

133 SE Newell Drive, Lake City, FL 32025
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