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Property for sale in Miami, Florida, USA

Property in Florida is in demand among investors and home hunters from all over the world. The real gem of this market are residential and commercial properties in Miami. The Magic City is very popular for its ideal white sand beaches, great weather, delicious food and an eclectic culture that you not found anywhere else.

Property prices in Miami

You can find the latest offers with prices in euros and dollars in our property database. The tables below offer the average value of real estate in Miami, Florida.

Number of bedroomsNumber of bathroomsSize (m2)FeaturesAverage apartment price ($, ¥)
1 1 81 Located in the central part of the city, furniture, modern household appliances, terraces, swimming pool 399,000 2,670,000
2 2 105 Sea view, furniture, TV, swimming pool, parking, security, concierge, gym, recreation area, sauna 689,000 4,620,000
3 3 167 Sea view, modern finishes, terraces, security, maintenance service 700,000 4,700,000
3 2 231 TV, swimming pool, parking, terrace, backyard, garage with lifting doors, patio, summer kitchen 795,000 5,330,000
4 5 421 TV, swimming pool, garden, parking for several cars, recreation area 2,160,000 14,500,000
6 5 386 Panoramic sea view, swimming pool, terraces 7,000,000 47,000,000

Investment property in Miami

Buy-to-live and buy-to-let property in Miami is in high demand. This can be explained by the following factors:

  1. Most of the city's residents are not homeowners - 68.7% of the city's population rents housing. The lack of financial stability and the ability to pay loans, high house prices are the main reasons for this. Single-family housing units are currently in high demand among tenants. This motivates investors to consider Miami as a location for investment in rental real estate.
  2. The ideal location of the city. Investment experts advise to pay attention to places with prospects for growth in demand in the future. However, for this sunny city in Florida, this future has already arrived. A comfortable climate, developed infrastructure, fantastic beaches and the ocean are the main reasons why wealthy IT specialists, CEOs and owners of large companies from all over the world buy housing here.
  3. Popularity among tourists. Miami is the perfect vacation spot. This makes the city a popular tourist destination. People from all over the world come here to spend their holidays. The report by the Bureau of Conventions and Visitors to Greater Miami confirms that 16.5 million tourists visited the city in 2018.
  4. Growing population. It is expected that in just 4 years the population of Greater Miami (the Miami Metropolitan Area) will reach approximately 7 million people. The ideal location, tax breaks and population boom will undoubtedly increase the income of local rental property owners.
  5. High returns. Houses in Florida, in particular in Miami, are among the most attractive investment properties in the United States. The city's most popular neighborhoods now include Wynwood, where apartments are sold at relatively low prices but rented at high rates ensuring considerable returns. Edgewater is another popular location to buy real estate in Miami. Although the area is still developing, it is already attracting the attention of buyers for various reasons, including proximity to the Design District, Park West and colorful Wynwood.

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