• Real estate investments in Florida: risks and advantages

    Like any other investment, buying real estate in Florida has many advantages as well as risks. Let's take a look at the key reasons why Americans and foreigners invest in local properties and the potential pitfalls they may face upon completion of a real estate transaction. Content: Risks associated with Florida real estate investment Reasons...

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  • Expenses Awaiting Potential Buyers of Real Estate in Florida

    The decision to purchase real estate in Florida is a serious commitment. You need to take into account many details before signing the purchase and sale contract, be it a residence for yourself and your family, a rental property, or a restful vacation home. One of the key factors deserving of the buyer’s particular attention is the expense of...

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  • What’s going on in the Florida real estate market at the moment? A brief review

    In the past few years, the housing demand in Florida has been extremely high. At the end of September 2022, the average home price in Florida was $407,000 due to the lowest-ever interest rates, an increase in employees working remotely, corporate investors, and a large influx of people moving to the sunny state. The increase in its value has peaked...

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  • A new apartment in Florida: calculating the cost and associated expenses

    Florida is a US state considered to be one of the best places on the planet for a peaceful and comfortable life. The endless summer, well-designed modern infrastructure, and sustainable economy are only some of the advantages of living in the Sunshine State. American retirees come to spend their golden years here for a good reason. Purchasing an...

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  • How has the real estate market in the USA and Florida in particular changed over the past 10 years?

    The up-and-down cycle that the American market has faced over the past decade will be remembered as a process of slow but steady recovery of the real estate sector. What trends were observed in the relatively recent past? Let’s talk about this below. Content: Construction boom Silver tsunami Growth in demand for rental real estate Mortgage...

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  • 10 Highly Anticipated Real Estate Projects In Florida

    Florida is the southernmost mainland state in the USA. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico coasts, and every year attracts many US citizens interested in relocating there. To generate a steady income, investors put their money into local real estate and expats view the state as a place of permanent residence. There are a lot of...

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  • The Most Frequent Questions of Real Estate Buyers in Florida

    Florida is one of the most popular US states where foreigners like to relocate to permanently, and are also interested in buying real estate as an investment. Purchasing a foreign home raises many questions, the answers to which we will attempt to answer below. Content: Can Foreign Nationals Buy a Property in Florida? Why Choose Florida for...

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  • Florida projects at the initial construction stage: se-lecting the most promising investment options

    According to American researchers, several Florida cities are on the list of best US cities for real estate investment in 2022. These include Spring Hills near Tampa, Le-high Acres near Fort Myers, and Palm Bay, Brevard County, on the Atlantic Coast. Analysts have studied the key data on real estate investment to determine the state’s best cities....

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  • Florida real estate: what can $5 million get you in 2022?

    Florida is the third most populous US state. Some of its cities are recognized international resorts. The extensive real estate market of the Sunshine State matches its vibrant image, varying from reasonably priced properties to premium facilities. Luxurious villas and apartments in Florida can surprise buyers not only with the price tag but also...

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  • 10 Reasons to Invest in Florida property

    Florida remains one of the most popular US states. Comfortable climate conditions attract foreigners from around the world, which makes local real estate extremely popular. In this post we offer top 10 reasons to investe in local real estate. CONTENTS Steadily growing economy Favorable climate A wide range of housing options Affordable...

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