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Off-plan apartments in Florida, USA

Today, the property in Florida is in a stage of active growth. This is due to an increase in housing demand from out-of-state residents moving here, as well as many foreigners who want to change the climate to a warmer and sunny one and live on the Atlantic coast.

Especially popular options are new buildings in Florida, where you can buy apartments from the developer at the construction stage. This allows you to purchase real estate at an affordable price, as well as choose housing in a new modern area with developed infrastructure.

Today, in different cities of Florida, there is an active construction of housing in different price segments. For example, in Miami, high-rise residential complexes are being built on the first coastline. The windows of the apartments in these projects offer breathtaking views of the ocean. The cost of such apartments is high, however, this property can bring quite a large profit from rent.


Florida is a large peninsula that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Good weather always reigns here, excellent conditions for life, recreation and private business have been created.

The cities of the southern state are actively developing, construction of new residential complexes is underway, while the demand for real estate is at a consistently high level.

The fastest growing cities in Florida are Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville. The active construction of new housing is associated with the influx of investors and workers from around the world to these cities, who are attracted by the comfortable climate of the region, the soft taxation system and a large number of jobs.

Investment apartment from a developer in Florida

Apartments in a new building under construction in Florida are in high demand from investors from around the world. The region is attractive for tourists, and the property owner can earn passive income by renting out the property.

Developers in Florida often offer favorable purchase terms with the option of installments and mortgages, even for foreign citizens.

When buying an apartment in a residential complex at the excavation stage, you can choose the layout option that is best for you, as well as buy property at the lowest possible cost and subsequently earn money on the resale of the finished apartment.

As a rule, modern residential complexes have the necessary infrastructure for residents with fitness rooms, swimming pools and other amenities, which also increases the attractiveness of the property from an investment point of view.

Apartments at the price from the developer

Prices for apartments in Florida new buildings under construction depend on several factors:

  • The location of the residential complex, the prestige of the area, its proximity to urban infrastructure.
  • Deadline for delivery of the project.
  • Reliability of a developer.
  • The quality of finishing, furniture and household appliances in finished apartments.
  • Total living area.
  • Balconies, terraces and their areas in apartments.
  • The quality of the internal infrastructure of the residential complex.

Prices for off-plan luxury apartments in Miami on the front line can be about $ 2 million (¥13.4 million). In other Florida cities, you can find apartments for less than $100,000 (¥670,500).

Buy an apartment in a new building in Florida

To buy an apartment in a new building in Florida, it is not necessary to have US citizenship.

The most convenient system of purchase and sale has been created in the region, allowing you to make a deal even remotely. To do this, you can issue a power of attorney for a lawyer at the embassy of your country in the United States. In the case of such a transaction, the buyer transfers the money to the trust account of his lawyer. After the conclusion of the contract, the amount will be transferred to the seller's account.

If necessary, a foreign buyer can apply for a mortgage loan. This will require an independent assessment of housing, open an escrow bank account, buy insurance if the down payment is less than 20% of the total amount. You will also have to use the services of a mortgage broker and a lawyer who has the right to certify the transaction.

It usually takes 30-60 days to complete a purchase and sale transaction. This time is necessary for a certified inspector to conduct a property survey to identify hidden flaws. Based on the results of the inspection, the buyer can refuse the transaction or agree with the seller on receiving a discount.

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