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Off-plan property for sale in Florida, USA

Today, the Florida real estate market is experiencing another boom because a sharp increase in interest in residential properties from both American and foreign buyers.

Especially high demand is observed in the segment of new housing, because Florida’s construction companies sell apartments and houses already at the construction stage offering a lower cost per square meter.

Non-residents can buy housing in a new off-plan project in Florida as foreigners do not need any special permission.


Florida is one of the sunniest regions of the United States with a dry and warm climate. It is home to the famous sandy beaches and resorts located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The region is actively developing because it has created comfortable conditions for investors which contributes to the active construction of residential real estate.

Fastest growing cities in Florida:

  • Miami, which has 55% of the population of foreigners and the influx of new investors and professionals from around the world is growing.
  • Orlando with very active population growth and high demand for new properties.
  • Tampa where residents of larger cities come for a calm and relaxed lifestyle.
  • Jacksonville, a large city with a growing population where new housing estates are being built at a rapid pace.

Off-plan investment property from a developer in Florida

The main goal of an investor is to acquire an investment property at the most attractive price. Buying real estate in a residential complex at the excavation stage ensures you the best price, since real estate prices in Florida for new off-plan projects is significantly lower than for finished properties.

South Florida is one of the most attractive places to live, so the prices for renting and buying housing here are gradually rising.

Property for sale from a developer in Florida offers all necessary amenities next to the residential complex.

As a rule, modern complexes have a developed infrastructure with parking lots, shops, playgrounds, etc.

Prices from the developer

Currently, there is a significant increase in demand for new projects in Florida, and this is not surprising, since the state has a large number of offers from the developer, where the cost of real estate in an off-plan residential complex is less than $ 100,000 (¥670,500) per unit.

When buying an apartment or house from a developer, you can count on various bonuses and discounts as well as the option of paying in installments.

Housing in the United States can be bought both with full payment and on the terms of mortgage lending.

It is worth noting that even foreign citizens can expect to receive a loan to buy an apartment or house in the United States.

Buy real estate in a new building under construction in Florida

Experts predict that Florida's population will grow from 18.5 million to 27 million by 2030, which will further increase the demand for residential real estate in the region.

This suggests that we are now at the very beginning of an upward cycle of growth in the cost of housing in the state, and it is at this moment that it is best to make a purchase of real estate.

The attractiveness of Florida for investors also lies in the fact that the cost of rent here is also gradually increasing, and this allows you to make a profit from the rental business.

There are no restrictions on the purchase of housing by foreigners in the state.

When making a real estate transaction in the United States, certain rules are required, therefore, in addition to the realtor service, you may also need:

  • a mortgage broker if you plan to buy property with a mortgage.
  • A lawyer to register contracts, obtain a certificate of ownership and ensure the legal security of the transaction.
  • An accountant to fill out tax returns if you plan to rent out the property.
  • A tax consultant to understand all the nuances of taxation in the state.

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