• Experts named 7 long-term trends in the Florida real estate market

    In the times of uncertainty and market rebuilding under the influence of external shocks, it is particularly important to identify the trends that will stay in force for at least a year. Professional brokers from Pam & Toni Team named the following 7 trends relevant for the Florida real estate market. Insufficient housing stock. The demand...

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  • Florida ranked second in the list of best US states to create a new business

    Experts from WalletHub, a platform devoted to personal finance, considered 27 indicators across three categories, i.e., business environment (population, demographics), availability of resources (including bank financing), and business expenses (affordability of office premises, etc.). After that, the total score was calculated. Florida ranked...

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  • Volume of new residential construction in Florida is among the greatest in the USA

    According to a new study, construction of residential properties in Florida is among the best in the country., an Oregon real estate agency, has recently published a report that says that 9.8 houses per 1,000 residents are currently under construction stage in Florida, which is one of the best performances across the USA...

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  • Rental duplexes are under construction in Wildwood, Florida

    In order to satisfy the huge demand for homes for hired workers, rental duplexes are being build en masse in Wildwood, Florida. Dinerstein Companies is the developer in charge of the construction. 192 houses with fenced backyards and standalone garages will be built on a 75,000 sq m land plot. Future residents will be able to choose from one, two,...

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  • Columbia became a champion by Miami home searches online

    According to a new report by the MIAMI Association of Realtors, this city remains invariably popular among foreigners looking for new homes. In December 2022, citizens of Columbia made the most search queries about housing in this metropolitan area (11.81%). They have remained in the first place for nine out of the last ten months of the previous...

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  • High interest rates caused property sales to decline in Florida in December 2022

    ONE Sotheby’s International Realty (an agency specializing in luxury real estate) is summarizing the results of the previous year in a recently published report. The growing mortgage rates and the wavering consumer confidence led to a reduction of house sales in Florida last November, particularly properties worth under $500,000. For instance,...

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  • Florida authorities are considering tiny homes as a way out of the housing crisis

    Orange County commissioners created a development and planning group that considered various ways of overcoming the current housing affordability crisis. Tiny homes with a floor area of 46 sq m and less were named among the possible solutions. These properties are inexpensive, costing from $10,000 to $40,000. Importantly, their maintenance is also...

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  • High-end property market in South Florida returned to normal in 2022

    In 2022, the sales in the South Florida high-end real estate market reduced, which experts are calling “a return to normal” after the roaring demand of the previous year. This follows from a new report by The Keyes Company and Illustrated Properties, devoted to sales of single-family houses and condominiums worth upwards of $1 million in...

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  • Apartments were the most popular property type in Southwest Florida in 2022

    Over the first two-thirds of 2022, sales of real estate in southeast parts of Florida were booming, although without huge deals characteristic for 2021. Apartment complexes were particularly popular among investors, and these properties also accounted for the largest transactions. Paige Rausch at Aslan Realty Advisors notes that eight largest...

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  • Florida became a US champion by incoming migration

    Many Americans grew restless under the influence of the pandemic. Entire families relocate in search of larger living quarters or lower cost of living. In 2022, this trend continued, as hundreds of thousands of people moved to other states. The analysis of census data by the National Association of Realtors shows that some regions benefited more...

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