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Penthouses for sale in Florida, USA

Property in Florida is attractive for foreign buyers looking for holiday homes, permanent residence locations, or investments. One-story or two-story apartments on the top floor, also known as penthouses, are a symbol of luxury. Their distinctive features are large open spaces, panoramic windows, and breathtaking views. This is one of the cost factors for a completed facility. The more stunning the landscape outside the window is, the higher the price.

Two-level apartments offer ample opportunities for comfort. Bedrooms, recreation areas, terraces, and swimming pools are usually on the second floor. You can buy a completed facility, or purchase off-plan apartments and have your vision of the layout approved by the developer.


One of the largest US states has numerous locations where you can buy an investment penthouse in Florida or a home to move to. The most popular cities are Miami, Hollywood, and Tampa. They bring to mind snow-white beaches and the endless ocean coast. But these are not the only places to buy a penthouse in Florida for foreigners. The state offers numerous advantages for convenient living. These include:

  • Comfortable climate
  • Well-developed amenities
  • Quality healthcare and education

The vast expanse of Florida enables you to choose a place to live not only on the seafront but also at a distance from the coast, in downtown districts of big cities such as Tampa or Orlando.

Penthouse prices in Florida

The cost of penthouses in Florida cannot be termed affordable. The final price depends directly on several parameters:

Average prices for penthouses in Florida for foreigners start at $1.2 million and may reach several million. Over the past years, prices have been growing in the USA, so make sure to confirm the value of a specific unit before booking it.

Investment penthouses in Florida

The law allows citizens of all countries to invest in a penthouse in Florida. There are different options for making money on the residence you own. Prices for Florida apartments have been growing consistently. This means you can turn a profit by reselling your residence. Letting your property is another popular option. A high return on investment provides you with a stable income throughout the year.

Buying a penthouse in Florida

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