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New development projects in Florida, USA

Residential property in Florida is in great demand, because many people from the US and other countries dream of living on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the state has created friendly conditions for running a business.

High demand for studio units and apartments in Florida stimulates local developers to build new residential projects. Today, many new buildings are already being commissioned, and some of them are under construction.

If you want to buy a property at a lower price, then choose an off-plan property. And those who want to buy move-in ready apartments in a modern residential complex with excellent infrastructure should look for properties that have recently been completed.


The state of Florida is located on the peninsula of the same name and boasts a wonderful warm climate throughout the year. As a rule, the peninsula is associated with the metropolis of Miami, known for its endless white sand beaches, but there are other large cities such as Jacksonville, Orlando, St. Petersburg and many others.

Key benefits of living in Florida:

  • A convenient taxation system, thanks to which prices in stores are lower than in other states.
  • A large number of sunny days per year.
  • Many places where you can have fun: 24-hour bars, restaurants, cafes. Regular tastings and costume shows taking place right on the streets and beaches.
  • An opportunity to get a job with a good salary and bonuses for specialists in the IT field, design, law and other popular areas.
  • Qualified medical care.
  • A large selection of good schools and colleges.

New buildings in Florida prices from the developer

Real estate for sale from a developer in Florida is usually sold through an intermediary. It can be an agent or a broker. You can also use mortgage lending to buy a home.

Foreigners can buy an apartment in any residential complex in Florida without any restrictions.

Prices for apartments in new projects in Florida depend on the city, the location of the residential complex in relation to the sea and city amenities. The cost varies widely. The minimum price per square meter of finished property is $1,875 (¥12,500).

For example, in the Alina Residences residential complex in Miami, the cost per square meter starts at $7,700 (¥51,600), and the price per square meter of a private villa in the Via Ventura complex starts at $2,570 (¥17,200).

Investment property from a developer in Florida

Today, real estate is a reliable investment solution. An apartment, townhouse or villa in one of the residential complexes in the southern state of Florida will be an excellent option that will ensure you a passive income.

Today, real estate prices in Florida for new properties are steadily rising. The reason for that is the slow pace of construction and the limited supply on the market. In Florida, residential real estate is especially popular, because it is the place where people prefer to move from other regions of the United States and around the world.

The cost of housing in new buildings in Miami and other Florida cities is quite high, but rental rates here are also high. Thus, investments can bring a stable passive income, and the high liquidity of properties will allow you to sell your home at any time at a higher price.

Buy property in a new project in Florida

Buying real estate in a new building for investment and living is a great investment option.

Thanks to easy-to-use search filters in our property database, you can easily and quickly find the best options for you by cost, area, location and many other criteria.

Our specialists are always ready to help you make the right decision and buy a new property matching all your requirements and goals.