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Villas for sale in Florida, USA

Property in Florida has always been a profitable investment for both investors and end-users. It is ne of the most reliable sources of income and wealth accumulation in the USA. Some people even make a career of this. Finding a top-of-the-line residential facility with a high return on investment is no challenge in this state.


A pleasant Florida lifestyle is one of the key reasons why popular cities like Miami, Hollywood, and Tampa attract people from all over the world. Magnificent beaches, great weather, a huge number of landmarks, numerous career opportunities, and no income tax, are just a few of the features making this state so popular among investors, end-users, and tourists. Florida is known as one of the most desirable places to live, while local communities are continuously admired in prominent magazines and TV shows for their beauty, luxury, and amenities.

House prices in Florida

Houses in Florida are a good deal for foreign buyers since local residential facilities offer the perfect quality/price ratio. You can find up-to-date listings from the local market with prices in euros and dollars in the regularly updated Florida-Real.Estate catalog. See the average cost of villas in Florida in the table below:

Number of bedroomsNumber of bedroomsArea (m2)FeaturesCityAverage cost of a house in Florida (US Dollars)
5 5 485 Internet, TV, swimming pool, parking, garage, terrace, recreation area, sauna, located in a district with numerous amenities Miami 2.44 million
3 3 276 Internet, TV, swimming pool, parking, terrace, ocean view, modern finishing, gym, SPA, located in a district with numerous amenities Aventura 1.26 million
6 5 386 Internet, TV, swimming pool, parking, garage, terrace, ocean view, garden, gym, located in a district with numerous amenities Miami Beach 7 million

Investment houses in Florida

Here are the main reasons to buy a house in Florida for investment and living:

  1. Low mortgage rates.

    Mortgage rates are still at their lowest since the 1960s. However, potential buyers must understand that these rates can fluctuate, just like the prices for new developments in Florida, so postponing the transaction for too long is not a good idea.

  2. Attractive prices.

    Last year, prices for residential houses in Florida were reduced, making them great investment assets. Even though the local market is still trying to recover after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, it is currently more stable and can boast a variety of good deals appealing to investors and end-users alike.  

  3. Government subsidies. There are federal, state, and local housing programs created specifically to help buyers and investors achieve their goals in real estate. For instance, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act increased tax credits for first-time home buyers from USD 7,500 to USD 8,000.
  4. Economic growth. Another reason to invest in a villa in Florida is the fact that this state has one of the most stable economies in the whole country. It is also an incredibly popular tourist destination, so buyers of local property who wish to see a return on their investment can always count on high demand from tenants and an impressive capital gain.

Buying a house in Florida

The catalog on the Florida-Real.Estate website offers a variety of villas in Florida for foreigners who wish to see a high return on investments or relocate to this sunny state and start a new chapter in their lives. Contact the aggregator team that will help you select a suitable property and support you throughout all stages of this transaction.