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Property for sale in Miramar, Florida, USA

Anyone familiar with the US residential and commercial real estate market is aware of the skyrocketing demand for property in Florida. Consumer interest has escalated against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, when, due to the lockdown, many realized the need for a private space and proximity to nature. One of the hottest trends in the US market has been properties for sale in Miramar, a small town named after a prestigious area in the capital of the Republic of Cuba, Havana.

Property prices in Miramar

You can check out current offers on the Florida real estate market and their prices in euros and dollars on Florida-Real.Estate. And in this table you can see the average cost of housing in Miramar:

Number of bedroomsNumber of bedroomsArea (m2)Property featuresAverage property cost ($, ¥)
3 2 126 Furniture, household appliances, terrace, garage, barbecue area 380,000 2,500,000
4 3 131 Furniture, household appliances, terraces, parking, swimming pool, recreation area, garden, playground 629,000 4,220,000
6 3 203 Furniture, household appliances, air conditioning, terrace, garage, swimming pool, gym, recreation area, playground, garden 1,400,000 9,400,000

Property investment in Miramar

There are many reasons why buyers looking to purchase a home in Florida choose Miramar real estate for investment and living. The key reasons include:

  • The low crime rate is one of the main factors why families choose Miramar as a place to live permanently.
  • Relatively low cost of living. When looking for a house or apartment in Florida, the first thing to consider is the cost of living in the area. In Miramar, this figure is lower than the national average and in most cities in the state. Therefore, local property owners significantly save on housing, utilities, food, transport, healthcare, etc.
  • Developed infrastructure. One of the main reasons to invest in Miramar real estate is that the town has all amenities necessary for a comfortable life. It has kindergartens, schools, hospitals, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

We will help you buy property in Miramar

Check out the best housing offers in Miramar for foreign investors and property hunters on Florida-Real.Estate. Our housing database features a variety of properties, from small studios and modern apartments to luxury villas and high-end penthouses in all corners of Florida. If you looking for housing in Miramar that fully meets your requirements and goals, you are at the right place. Our highly qualified and experienced real estate specialists will guide you through the latest offers and help choose the best one.

Florida-Real.Estate offers not only residential units, but also commercial real estate in Miramar for foreign entrepreneurs who are planning to expand their business in the United States. Get in touch with our team and get one step closer to your dream.