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Apartments in new buildings in Florida, USA

Apartments in modern residential complexes are a sought-after type of property in Florida. As a rule, the developer sells housing units with a high-quality modern design, plumbing, and sometimes even with furniture and an equipped kitchen.

The main advantages of apartments in new buildings in Florida:

  • Developed infrastructure next to the residential complex, including schools, kindergartens, shops, cafes, parks and other facilities.
  • Covered parking, which is usually located at the underground levels of a multi-storey complex.
  • On-site playgrounds.
  • A security system, video surveillance and concierge service.
  • Elite new buildings usually have fitness rooms with exercise equipment, a swimming pool, spa rooms and recreation areas.


Florida is one of the most popular states to live in the US. Not only Americans seek to move here, but also expats from other countries.

Florida is located on a peninsula and boasts an abundance of beaches as well as a sunny, warm weather throughout the year.

The most popular cities of the state are Miami, Hollywood, Orlando, Jacksonville.

Florida’s benefits:

  • Good conditions for doing business.
  • The local tax system is much softer than in other states.
  • Many sunny days a year.
  • Beautiful endless sandy beaches on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Regular cultural events and shows.
  • Lots of jobs for skilled professionals.
  • High quality of medical care.

Investment apartment from a developer in Florida

In recent years, the US real estate market has experienced a significant increase in demand for housing in Florida. People from all over the world move here for permanent residence.

Increased demand for apartments in Florida makes them a highly liquid property, and also increases rental rates.

Today, investments in buy-to-let real estate are popular. Apartments in a new building in Florida ensure a stable passive income, allowing you to quickly return and increase the invested money.

Apartment prices from developers

Buying an apartment at the price from a developer in Florida is a great solution to save money. As a rule, the developer can offer different discount options, as well as payment in installments.

Foreigners can purchase housing using a mortgage with a low interest rate. To do this, you will need to work with a mortgage broker.

The cost of an apartment in a new building may be lower if you buy it during the construction phase. In this case, you will have to wait until the project is finished. If you want to buy a move-in ready apartment in a new building in Florida, then feel free to choose housing from the many options presented on our website.

Prices for apartments in new buildings in Florida vary greatly and depend on the city, the location of the complex in relation to infrastructure facilities, the distance to the beach, the quality of finishing work and the total living area.

You can find objects with a minimum price - from $1,875 (¥12,500) per square meter.

Buy apartments in a new building in Florida

Today, buying an apartment in a new building for investment and permanent residence is a great option to secure your money as well as recieve a stable passive income.

The procedure for buying real estate in the United States is as simple as possible and available for foreigners from different countries.

Choose the option that matches all your requirement using easy-to-use search filters on our website. You can choose property by price, location, size and many other criteria.

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