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Villas for sale in Tampa, Florida, USA

Villas in Tampa are highly sought after by both investors and end-users in the market of property in Florida. This city combines numerous amenities and unique advantages that everybody will love, from married couples with children to single entrepreneurs pursuing high incomes.


The warm waters on the Gulf of Mexico’s coast, gourmet delicacies of fresh seafood, buzzing nightlife, and sunshine 12 months a year. Some people may take this as a description of paradise, but such benefits are a daily routine for Tampa residents. That is the reason why local villas are so popular in the market of residential houses in Florida.

House prices in Tampa

Spectacular houses in Tampa for foreign buyers are available on the official website, Florida-Real.Estate. The aggregator’s catalog is regularly updated with new listings and current prices in euros and dollars.

See the average cost of villas in Tampa in the table below:

Number of bedroomsNumber of bathroomsArea (m2)FeaturesAverage cost of a house in Tampa (USD)
2 2 134 Internet, TV, garage for two cars, furnished, terrace, swimming pool, garden, located in a district with numerous amenities 530,000
3 3 150 Internet, TV, parking for two cars 375,000
4 3 165 Internet, TV, garage, barbecue area, located in a district with numerous amenities 385,000

Investment houses in Tampa

The key reasons to buy a house in Tampa for investment and living include:

  1. Growing labor market.

    The local labor market is growing much faster than the US average. Newcomers most frequently find jobs in healthcare, finance, logistics, or technology.

  2. Quality education.

    The city has dozens of worthy educational establishments for college students, including the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. Junior students attend the Hillsborough County School District which is the 8th biggest in the country. Such an extensive network means that children have access to ample resources and extracurricular activities. One of the city’s most popular middle schools is Tampa Prep, which prepares students for college applications.

  3. Economic benefit.

    One of the main reasons to invest in a villa in Tampa is that there is no income tax and house prices are relatively low. That is why people who dream of owning property near the beach can easily make their dream come true here.

Buying a house in Tampa

A huge variety of villas in Tampa for foreigners is available on the official website, Florida-Real.Estate. Contact the aggregator’s competent team that will help you select a house or an apartment in Florida and walk you through all stages of closing the deal.