The most affordable real estate market in 2023 in Florida

The most affordable real estate market in 2023 in Florida

Properties that were sold for $250,000 in Florida before the pandemic are now about twice as expensive. At the same time, trends show that it may be quite easy to buy a house in some locations in Florida in the next 12 months. Experts focus on 13 districts of the state where it is profitable to buy a house, as well as on those locations where the high cost of housing is compensated by investment attractiveness.

To determine the best places, the following were analyzed: the availability of public schools, the housing market, the level of crime and security, the variety of nightlife and leisure options in general, the cost of living, employment opportunities, climate and other factors.

Harbor Island is one of the best options for buying real estate for living and investment. It has high marks in all parameters, except for the cost of living. If this factor is not a problem for you, it is definitely worth buying a property in this picturesque place with developed infrastructure.

The second place in the ranking was taken by Quail Ridge, an area of Pasco County - a small suburb ideal for small families. If you want to avoid traffic jams and the hustle and bustle of the city at night, consider the small town of Black Diamond in Citrus County with a population of only 1,023 people or Bel Mar, a Tampa neighborhood in Hillsborough, located near Bayshore Boulevard.

Number five on the list is Beauclerc, near Jacksonville. State schools here have very high ratings. The town provides good opportunities for both employment and entertainment. Another Jacksonville neighborhood, Montclair, was also recently named one of Florida's best cities to work in.

In East Milton, a fairly large suburb in Santa Rosa County, near the Panhandle and Pensacola, you can find properties for sale for $200,000. The only problem is that the area is quite remote from any major city.

Another place to consider for buying inexpensive real estate is Bagdad. This is a great option for life, but there may not be so much entertainment. Real estate in the town of East Park is affordable. On average, it costs $320,000. The area is located right next to Orlando International Airport, so if you travel a lot, it may be a suitable option for you.

Another area of Jacksonville is Venetia, which can also be considered for living in a quiet environment. The town of Christmas on the east coast of Florida near Titusville is a good place near the beaches of the east coast and Orlando. The suburb of Audubon Park near Orlando is a quiet, picturesque place with lots of greenery, parks and trees. It is located next to the Leu Botanical Garden in Orlando.

The last area on the list is Beach Park, a suburb of Tampa, near the city center. The average cost of a house in this area is about $500,000, which is not so small, but it is a good investment option. In addition, the residents of Beach Park get all the advantages of the metropolis.

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