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Apartments for sale in Miami, Florida, USA

Luxury property for sale in Florida is notoriously associated with Miami. The city on the coast attracts wealthy people, but this does not mean that the cost of apartments in Miami caters only to the rich. There is a wide range of real estate on the market, among which you can find elite, as well as budget housing. Regardless of the type, you can consider real estate on the coast a highly liquid and profitable asset with the potential to capitalize on value.

Lifestyle in Miami

Apartments in Miami for foreign nationals are not only an opportunity to live on the coast. The city is a major industrial, business, and cultural center in the United States of America. It is suitable for different social audiences. Pensioners, families with children, young professionals, and freelancers will all find their place here. The reasons to buy an apartment in Miami are:

  • Climatic conditions and proximity to the ocean. There is no winter in this region. You can swim all year round, as the water is warmed by the Gulf Stream.
  • Developed infrastructure. The city has everything you need, from kindergartens and schools to shops and hospitals.
  • A large community of immigrants. This simplifies the period of adjustment when relocating to a permanent residence.

An extensive real estate database makes it easy to choose a place to move to. Obtaining a visa can be difficult, as buying a home in the USA does not automatically allow you to apply for a residence permit.

Apartment prices in Miami

Despite the stereotype of high prices, you can buy a flat in Miami at an affordable price. A 1-bedroom flat for sale in Miami on the second housing row on the coast is available for $350,000. It is important to bear in mind that the pricing policy is influenced by several points:

  • housing area and number of bedrooms
  • location
  • state of repair
  • the situation in the real estate market.

New buildings in Florida may cost less than ready-made housing when buying an off-plan property. The closer to the time of completion, the higher the cost of an apartment. It is advisable to clarify the prices before buying real estate, as they can change quickly during the construction process.

Investment apartments in Miami

Apartments in Florida for investment and living are beneficial when purchasing for either a short or long-term option. Foreign real estate is steadily growing in price and is in demand, which makes it possible to resell it at a higher price. Even during the pandemic, data analysis for 2021 showed an almost 21% increase in price. In 2022, growth is expected to be 10%.

Flats for rent in Miami are also in great demand. The profitability ratio in this state can reach 7%. The high level of development confirms the high demand for real estate, so the rent is also predicted to increase.

Buying an apartment in Miami

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