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Apartments for sale in Hollywood, Florida, USA

Hollywood is one of the most popular tourist cities in South Florida and is located near Miami. Apartments in Hollywood for foreign nationals will allow them to live on the seashore or receive income from highly liquid and profitable housing. The city is popular with tourists, as it allows locals to lead a quiet lifestyle while utilizing the developed infrastructure. Property for sale in Florida includes private houses, as well as small and medium-sized residential complexes. You can also buy an apartment in Hollywood in one of the modern skyscrapers. The housing is suitable for both permanent residence and investment.

Lifestyle in Hollywood

A distinctive feature of the region is snow-white beaches with many shops and restaurants on the embankment. The lifestyle is focused on the tourist flow, but it has significant differences. In Miami, it is more dynamic and aimed at a younger audience, but in Hollywood, you can feel comfortable at any age. All necessary conditions have been created for pensioners and families with children. The infrastructure consists of popular social institutions, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and supermarkets.

Apartment prices in Hollywood

The cost of apartments in Hollywood starts from $185,000 and can reach $1 million or more. For example, in new buildings in the harbor of Hollywood Beach, equipped with household appliances, a Jacuzzi, with access to the pool and marina, the price of apartments can reach $1.5 million. The final cost depends on several points:

  • area and number of bedrooms
  • locations on the first or second row from the beach
  • the comfort level of the residential complex
  • repair quality

This price range allows you to buy a flat in Hollywood, whatever the budget. The US real estate market is dynamic, showing a trend of rising prices over the past few years. Therefore, you should clarify the final price before booking the property.

Investment apartments in Hollywood

The territory is being actively developed, so foreigners can choose from either pre-owned housing or new buildings in Florida for investment. When buying an off-plan property, you will profit once the real estate is completed. If you resell the finished housing, its price will be significantly higher than at the beginning of construction.

You can also choose apartments in Hollywood for investment and living based on a long-term strategy. The year-round flow of tourists allows you to rent housing out. The percentage of profitability depends on the property.

Buying an apartment in Hollywood

The catalog publishes ads from developers and local real estate agencies. All information is up-to-date. The optimal search system allows you to choose housing by the filters, setting the area, the number of bedrooms, and the limit of the cost of an apartment in Hollywood. For the convenience of those interested in buying an apartment in Florida, it is possible to calculate prices in different currencies. You can choose prices in euros and dollars. Specialists are ready to answer any questions about purchasing US housing. Start choosing your dream home right away!