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Apartments for sale in Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Miami Beach is a resort town on the Atlantic Ocean coast. It is separated from Miami by Biscayne Bay and is a popular tourist destination. Property in Florida is in high demand among overseas investors. Vacationers come here to admire not only the beauty of the beaches but also to enjoy the developed entertainment infrastructure. In addition to numerous clubs and bars, as well as many establishments which host entertainment events, it includes a casino. Apartments in Miami Beach for foreign nationals are associated with a high-quality vacation available to wealthy customers. Overseas real estate in the city is not only luxurious and expensive houses and villas. Apartments in high-rise buildings have more affordable prices, which allows you to buy an apartment in Miami Beach with a smaller budget.

Lifestyle in Miami Beach

The resort town allows audiences of any age to choose the rhythm of life they wish to lead. Here you can enjoy clean and free beaches or participate in active sports. The coastline is 11 km long and is the main attraction of the city. The first row of housing on the beach is luxury real estate, mostly owned by celebrities. The cost of apartments in Miami Beach is the highest in this part of the city. There are many attractions in the city, including:

  • an Art Deco District, with architectural heritage
  • a network of artificial islands between the mainland and the city
  • Versace Mansion, where the legendary couturier spent his last days
  • a botanical garden with an exclusive collection of orchids

The area is suitable not only for seasonal holidays but also for permanent residence. The developed infrastructure includes a comfortable public transport system, many shops, and restaurants.

Apartment prices in Miami Beach

Prices for studio flats for sale in Miami Beach can range from $370,000 to $700,000 or more. Spacious apartments are sold for upwards of $700,000. Exclusive housing can cost several million dollars. The pricing policy directly depends on the high demand in this region and often exceeds the supply. The cost is also associated with several points, including:

  • housing area
  • number of bedrooms
  • comfort level
  • proximity to the coast

Modern residential complexes have the highest prices. These include swimming pools, restaurants, parking for homeowners, and a full range of services.

Investment apartments in Miami Beach

There is an equally high demand for all types of housing in the resort area. Middle-income tourists prefer to rent low-cost studio flats. Luxury apartments are in demand among wealthy people. You can buy apartments in Miami Beach among pre-owned housing or choose new buildings in Florida. Off-plan housing has its advantages. As a rule, when construction starts, prices are much lower than when the house is completed. This allows you to profit from the resale in a short time during construction. With a long-term strategy, you can choose apartments in Miami Beach for investment and living, as well as for renting. This is a practical way to save money through inflation, as high-yield and liquid housing are always in great demand.

Buying an apartment in Miami Beach

The site contains ads from developers and local real estate agencies, where you can choose apartments in Florida on Miami Beach. An intuitively simple search engine allows you to set up filters and find properties with the number of bedrooms you need, keeping them within your budget. You can choose prices in euros and dollars. Experts will advise you on any questions you may have about buying a home for permanent residence or investment. You can study the up-to-date market offers.