Pros and cons of living in Florida

Pros and cons of living in Florida

Florida is a great option for living in resort conditions of eternal summer. This is an ideal place to retire, or for a pleasant and affordable vacation. On the other hand, you can use the state’s economic advantages and sustainable economy to start your business here.

No matter what goals you have, before buying a property in Florida, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the state. A detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages will help you discover if Florida is a good place for you to reside.


The life of English-speaking immigrants in Florida

Many people do not realize that Florida is the second-largest community of foreign nationals in the USA. Immigration to the sunny state began back in the 1870s when the first wave of immigrants opted to relocate to America. Since then, the population has been growing steadily, especially in certain areas of Florida.

Some Florida communities have one of the highest income levels in the country. Over 55% of immigrant families living in Florida have incomes of over $55,000 per year. There are many large immigrant communities in various cities of Florida. There are also immigrant media here to help foreign nationals in this region adapt and receive the products and services they are accustomed to.


Is Florida popular for immigration?

Many reasons and circumstances have led to an increase in the population of foreigners in Florida. Some moved here to search for work and new business ventures, others wanted to raise their children, enjoying a reasonable cost of living and a mild climate. Florida’s colleges and universities are considered the best in the country, and they attract many overseas students. There are also a lot of wives who have moved to Florida with their American husbands. Many people have won their green cards by taking part in the Diversity Visa lottery.

Others, with extraordinary creative abilities, came to Florida on an O-1 visa, including but not limited to representatives of medicine, education, science, and art.

According to statistics, after one or three years of living in America, 57% of immigrant families decide to buy their own property. This proves that the United States of America is full of purposeful and hardworking people striving for success and prosperity.


The advantages of living in Florida for foreign nationals

Florida is the third fastest-growing state in the USA by population.

Here are the main arguments for relocating here for foreigners:

  1. Low property taxes

    The average property tax in Florida is $1,773 per year for a house with an average value of $182,400. Florida counties collect an average of 0.97% of the fair market value of housing as property taxes per year.

    Florida ranks twenty-third out of fifty states in terms of average property taxes collected.

    The property tax depends on the counties of Florida where the property is located. For example:

    • Miami-Dade County has the highest property tax in Florida, charging an average of $2,756 (1.02% of the average home value) per year.
    • Dixie County has the lowest tax in the state. It is only $503 (0.51% of the average cost of a house) per year.
  2. World-class beaches

    Florida has more than half of the beaches in the top ten in the United States of America, including Key Biscayne, Smathers beach, and Fort Jefferson. These beaches offer plenty of entertainment and space for outdoor activities. Here you can swim, sunbathe, go fishing and play beach volleyball, or go on a one-day cruise to watch the dolphins.

  3. Employment

    Many employers provide favorable working conditions for IT professionals, architects, designers, lawyers, and linguists. In some cases, the employer provides the employee with housing, and transport and offers other favorable terms of employment. The average income of specialists in the above areas is about $45,000 - $100,000 per year. Freelancers from different fields are also in high demand. They work on a permanent or contractual basis. Freelance income can range from $15,000 to $60,000.

  4. Mild winters

    Florida is the warmest state in the USA, where the air temperature in winter ranges from +18 ℃ to +25 ℃. This is an ideal place for people who are tired of the cold and want to enjoy the sun all year round.

  5. Affordable and profitable housing

    The average property value in Florida is $215,000. This is an average price in the USA. If you are considering apartments in Florida for investments, you will be pleasantly surprised by the consistent price growth for local real estate, at almost 20% for 2021.

  6. Diverse leisure time

    There are a myriad of beach activities and everything related to them in Florida. Each beach is equipped with sun loungers. There are various cafés and beach volleyball courts.

    You can choose one of the gorgeous parks with springs, lakes, and rivers, or go hiking, fishing, or canoeing and just admire the beauty of the natural scenery. There are many iconic attractions, including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and LEGO Land amusement park, as well as the Sea World Theme Park. The number of amusement parks is proof that living in Florida is a great option for a family vacation.


Disadvantages of living in Florida

Florida is not just about the sun and beaches. If you are thinking about moving to this sunny state, you should understand that there will be reasons to reconsider your decision. Here are a few of them:

  • The heat and humidity in Florida can be unbearable, especially in summer. Even if you are in the shade, you will sweat. Whether you are indoors or driving in a car, most of the year you will be dependent on air conditioning.
  • Sometimes the weather can rapidly change. Thunderstorms can lead to power outages. Seasonal hurricanes can be devastating.
  • There are a host of bugs and lizards everywhere, and some of them can be quite large. Snakes, spiders, and scorpions also make an appearance. There are crocodiles and alligators in the water, so it can be dangerous to venture too close to an unknown body of water.
  • Some parts of Florida are highly tourist-oriented and over-commercialized, especially in Orlando.

Choose your dream apartment in Florida

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