7 best places in Florida where you can buy a house for less than $380,000

7 best places in Florida where you can buy a house for less than $380,000

Experts have named 7 cities in Florida where you can buy real estate at relatively affordable prices. A house in each of these places can be purchased for less than $380,000.

Fort Lauderdale. The city is ranked 5th among the best places to retire in the United States and is called one of the 100 best places to live in general. It is known for its golden beaches and central location between Palm Beach and Miami, Fort Lauderdale offers some of the state's best selection of shops, restaurants, attractions, and golf opportunities.

Tampa. The city is rated as the 29th best city to live in America and one of the best places in Florida. Homebuyers can buy a house at a price slightly below the state average. It is located on the Gulf coast of the city near the Gulf coast. Tampa is a short drive from Orlando, in close proximity to the beaches and nightclubs of Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg. Due to good schools, a family atmosphere, a developed housing market, world-famous nightlife and cultural diversity, the city is ranked 44th among the best places to live in the United States and 4th among the best for retirement in America. St. Petersburg is known for being the record holder for the number of sunny days in a row - 768, that is, more than two years without a cloudy day.

Palm Bay. It ranks 25th in America for buying a house due to the high percentage of rental housing, high-rated schools, excellent infrastructure. Palm Bay is called “a pearl rich in natural resources.” It is also famous for the world-class golf championship, restaurants and shops, nature trails, nature reserves and scenic views.

Jacksonville. The largest city in the continental United States by geography and the largest city in Florida by population. In January, Forbes ranked Jacksonville 3rd among the best cities in Florida to live in for a unique combination of the advantages of a metropolis and a beach lifestyle. Its museums, cultural and tourist attractions make it a wonderful place to live.

Gainesville. Currently, it is ranked 37th in the country, 1st in Alachua County and considered one of the best cities in Florida overall. The University of Florida is located here, excellent schools. Day and night life is constantly in full swing, while families with children will easily find a calm and measured atmosphere for a happy stay.

Tallahassee. One of the best cities to live in Florida for just under 200,000 people. It offers a combination of urban and suburban lifestyle with a large and growing population of young professionals. It is famous for excellent public schools, vibrant culture and nightlife, a variety of leisure activities, an attractive family atmosphere and a beautiful city center.

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