Buyers still prefer homes with adjacent grounds

Buyers still prefer homes with adjacent grounds

The Fixr Home Design Report 2022 surveyed 47 house designers, with 98% citing natural lighting as the preferred home feature of their clients, followed by home offices (96%) and usable open spaces (92%). Experts believe that natural lighting matches the homeowners’ desire for more energy-efficient thermal insulation (86%) and air conditioning systems (75%).

However, pandemic preferences, such as swimming pools, solar panels, and the Smart Home functionality, were cited by only 18%, 20%, and 43% respectively.

“When you create a functional living space outdoors you get more usable space in your property,” the report says. “You can have fun, relax, or exercise there without having to go anywhere, making your home more enjoyable.”

The report also found that the average landlord spends about $3,500 to turn his spare room into a desirable place for working from home.

Other features preferred by homeowners include home security systems (76%), spare rooms (68%), privacy features, specifically automatic blinds and fences (63%), and multifunctional garages (42%).

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