Experts gave a forecast to the Tampa real estate market for 2023

Experts gave a forecast to the Tampa real estate market for 2023

According to real estate experts, houses in Tampa with a competitive price in attractive areas and excellent condition attract buyers almost immediately. At the same time, real estate that requires some modernization or is located in less popular areas is on the market for 30, 60 and even 90 days.

The average house price in Tampa is now $364,000, which is lower than last summer's peak at $393,000. It is also less than the national average, which is $387,000. Rents have increased in Tampa by almost 5%. Today it's about $2,100. The national average is $1978.

Price cuts should not be expected in the near future, experts say. This is due, among other factors, to stable rather high population growth in the state, low unemployment and favorable living conditions. Many people want to buy real estate here. The situation is likely to remain stable for the foreseeable future.

Real estate experts also note the uniqueness of the region in comparison with other parts of the country: a warm climate, excellent infrastructure, good conditions for doing business. Lots of investors invest in Tampa. In addition, many remote workers move here in view of the lack of income tax in the state.

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