Experts named 6 key advantages for property buyers in Sarasota

Experts named 6 key advantages for property buyers in Sarasota

Sarasota is famous for its premium real estate. The numerous advantages of residential properties invariably attract investors and those who want to live in Florida on a permanent basis. Real estate experts have identified 6 key features of houses in Sarasota that distinguish it from real estate in any other region.

Beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. This privilege allows home owners to wake up and enjoy breathtaking panoramas. Whether it's enjoying morning coffee on the balcony or enjoying the sunset, contemplating the water gives a sense of joy and satisfaction. Every weekday is filled with tranquility and feels like solitude in a private coastal oasis.

Rough vegetation on the territory of the house. Sarasota has good weather and a pleasant climate all year round. On carefully designed outdoor areas, you can often find not only swimming pools, but also green gardens, recreation areas, drowning in luxurious vegetation.

Availability of wine cellars. Many houses have wine cellars for safe storage of drinks. Recreation and entertainment areas are also often equipped in the NIT.

The presence of a private beach near the house, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. Sarasota, located along the coast and numerous inland waterways, is a paradise for yachtsmen. Many households have private berths for boats. This opens up a whole world of possibilities: it allows you to go on cruises, fishing, and water sports almost at home. Direct access to water often becomes a weighty argument in favor of Sarasota for buyers of luxury housing.

The ability to charge an electric car in the yard of the house. In the era of a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle in the luxury housing market, the popularity of charging stations for electric vehicles in the courtyard of their own homes is growing. This option allows homeowners to easily charge their cars without frequent visits to public charging stations. Homes with built-in charging for electric vehicles meet the needs of buyers who care about the environment, looking for the perfect combination of luxury, convenience and environmental friendliness.

Large house territories. Many properties for sale in Sarasota have spacious house sites where you can create your own private oases, lay out landscaped gardens and adapt them to your needs.

Among the most popular areas of Sarasota with luxury real estate, Bird Key remains stable. As of the beginning of summer 2023, the average house price in this prestigious area was $1.8 million.

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