It is planned to build housing for school teachers in Florida

It is planned to build housing for school teachers in Florida

One of the buildings that previously served as a high school will be turned into an affordable housing complex in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is reported that this is done to attract the maximum number of teachers to the Pinellas School District.

The high cost of housing near some schools remained quite a serious problem. Now there is a possibility that the emergence of affordable housing will help solve it. Thanks to the measures taken, it will be possible to retain and hire more teachers. As for the residential complex, which will be based in the former school building, about 225 apartments will appear in it. 113 of them will be reserved as housing for school district employees. The rent for these apartments will range from $1,263 to $2,160. The rent for the remaining 112 apartments in the complex will be estimated in accordance with the current market value and will amount to about $2,156 to $2,771.

The authorities note that in order to attract and retain the best teachers and employees of the district, it is necessary to actively provide affordable and attractive housing options.

It is worth adding that only a small part of the apartments will be built within the walls of the building itself. Two buildings of 14 and 10 floors are also planned on a plot of more than 5 000 m2.

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