Florida remains the top destination in the US for relocation

Florida remains the top destination in the US for relocation

Florida retains the title of the main state of the country where people prefer to move for permanent residence. The most popular destination is Sarasota, according to the results of a recent report based on data for the last 15 months.

In 2022, Sarasota occupied the first line of the rating. In this year's report, the areas of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Wilmington in North Carolina were ahead of her and came out on top. In total, 20 US cities were included in the list.

Florida has the highest population growth. A place in the list was found for 6 settlements of the “sunny state”: Sarasota, Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Melbourne. Five of these cities entered TOP-10.

According to experts, in all likelihood, the biggest factor encouraging people to move to Florida is the economy. The decision is also influenced by low tax rates, a pleasant warm climate and more affordable housing prices, compared with many states. At the same time, over the past two years, Florida has become one of the most overcrowded places, and real estate prices have grown significantly. Experts believe that buyers in response can start looking for more affordable places to buy houses.

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