Four Florida cities turned out to be the friendliest to pets

Four Florida cities turned out to be the friendliest to pets

In the USA, a study was conducted, the results of which showed that four Florida cities were among the friendliest in the country in relation to pets.

St. Petersburg took the third place. There are many dog parks in the city where you can take a walk with your pet. For example, in Love My Dog Resort & Waterpark there is a water park, a boarding house and recreation exclusively for dogs. There is a restaurant called Ferg's Dog Park & Grill, where you can have a snack yourself and treat your four-legged friend. The restaurant's menu offers, among other things, dishes exclusively for dogs. There are also several nature reserves in the city for those who want to go hiking with a pet.

In fourth place was Jacksonville, where there are also many nature parks for walking with pets. For example, in the Julington Creek Animal Walk, dogs can run freely without a leash on an area of more than three hectares. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park has a large walking area, a tent camp for pets. The Park is located on the shore of the lake. The owner and his dog can also swim there.

Fort Lauderdale is in 14th place. There is a SUP SUP Paddle board Tour in the city, where you can go kayaking with dogs. You can also book a tour on an electric boat with your pet.

Another Florida city was included in the dog friendly list - Tampa. He was ranked 18th in terms of dog friendliness. The city has a lot of entertainment for pets. For example, a dog can go to a dog beach on the Davis Islands. In addition, you can take a quadruple friend to the Pups pub. There are indoor and outdoor parks for dogs where they can walk without a leash, as well as a bar for gatherings with a pet.

It is worth noting that there were more cities in Florida in the list than any other state.

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