Hotel rates and revenue in Jacksonville grew

Hotel rates and revenue in Jacksonville grew

In August 2022, the occupancy rate of hotels in Jacksonville, Florida, reached 71.6%, with the highest values in beach neighborhoods. The year-to-year growth is 74.5%.

Please see data on occupancy rates across the whole Duval Country over that period compared to last year.

Area% occupancy% change
Arlington 76.1% -0.5%
Beaches 76.3% +11.4%
Downtown 65.1% +26.2%
Northside 75.9% +9.8%
Southside 70.5% +4.8%
Westside 73.7% -3.1%

According to data from the analytics firm Smith Travel Research published by Visit Jacksonville on September 20, 2022, the room revenue ($76.75, i.e. $11 more than last August) and the average daily rate are also high.

The combined hotel revenue year-to-date is $375.65 million, which is 19.2% ($60 million) greater than in 2021.

Room revenue was $43.7 million, which is $6 million more than last August. The average daily rate across the county was $107.13, i.e. $10 more than on the same month in 2021.

The revenue per room is growing by double digits in all parts of the Duval County except Westside. Downtown hotels demonstrated the greatest growth of 31.7%. The daily rate also rose by double digits in five or six areas.

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