New lease option: mobile homes

New lease option: mobile homes

Instead of buying a house on wheels and renting land, the Zephyrhills developer rents both at the same price of about $1,750 per month for a three-bedroom and two-bathroom home.

Florida continues to struggle with a crisis of affordable housing and ERC Communities Inc. believes modular homes can solve the problem.

According to ERC Communities, modular homes offer better quality than mobile homes and trailers, and amenities similar to those of single-family homes. The company planned a modular community of 60 homes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms to be rented out for about $1,750 per month at Zephyrhills.

“The very fact that you have something as affordable as this – I believe, options with approximately the same floor area, just under 1,400 square feet in a brand-new conventional home, should cost about $2,000, and the same goes for apartments,” says Jerry Ellenburg, Chair at ERC Communities Inc. “This way, we fill a gap in accessibility that would otherwise remain.”

All houses in the community will be for lease only. None will be for sale.

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