Guide to the islands in Florida: where to buy real estate?

Guide to the islands in Florida: where to buy real estate?

Florida is a land of snow-white sandy beaches and orange plantations. The state is known for luxury resort cities and financial centers-megacities, and it is the world capital of theme parks. At the same time, 4,510 islands belong to Florida. In terms of their number, the state is the second in the United States after Alaska. For many potential homebuyers from other countries, the islands in this state are little known and therefore are an especially interesting destination. Real estate in Florida on the islands is available for purchase by foreigners.


Islands within Florida

Let's list the most interesting islands for buying real estate for living, renting and long-term investments:

  • Florida Keys
  • Venetian Islands
  • Fisher Island

All visitors are amazed by secluded locations on each of the islands, coral reefs and turquoise water. At the same time, many island cities, for example, Key West, where E. Hemingway once lived, are well-known for excellent infrastructure and a developed entertainment industry.

Guide to the islands in Florida: where to buy real estate?

Florida Keys

Florida Keys, consisting of 1,700 islands, is located 24 km from Florida City, which is part of the Greater Miami area. The capital is the city of Key West, located on the island of the same name. Among the other large islands of the archipelago, we note the following:

  • Key Largo (Donald Trump's favorite vacation spot)
  • Islamorada
  • Marathon
  • Big Pine

Florida Keys is a center of attraction for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, nature trails, national parks, canoe water routes, an atmosphere of peace and complete unity with nature on the seashore.

Real estate on the island

Real estate on the islands is represented by apartments in rare medium-rise buildings, villas and private houses. For example, in Key Largo (Monroe County) there are very favorable offers, including three-bedroom apartments for $237,000 on the first coastline. The building has a shared gym, swimming pool and access to the pier.

Key West: infrastructure, leisure, real estate

It is the most famous island city of Florida and the southernmost point of the States. The nearest metropolis is Miami. Key West is located just 144 km from Cuba. The city has its own airport, Key West International Airport. Cruise liners constantly enter the port of Key West. There are no frosts in the city, and the life on the island is in full swing day and night. The population is mainly employed in the tourism sector. It is a place of concentration of fishermen, artists and representatives of bohemia. Recently, wealthy couples and pensioners have often moved here.

Interesting places in Key West

There are many leisure options and attractions in the city, the most famous of which are the following.

  • Dry Tortugas National Park on an archipelago of seven coral reefs is the place where Fort Jefferson of the XIX century is located. In the park you can go boating, diving and snorkeling, explore the colorful flora and admire the marine life.
  • Old Town, where the atmosphere of old Florida has been preserved: many historical buildings and authentic streets.
  • Key West Gallery, which presents works by famous authors.
  • Shipwreck Museum with artifacts telling the stories of shipwrecks. Guests can climb the 19-meter observation tower.
  • Harry S. Truman Little White House − the winter residence of the Presidents of the United States, where the museum now operates.
  • City Aquarium, which is also a contact zoo.
  • Ernest Hemingway House Museum, where six-legged cats – descendants of the writer's cat - still live.

Education in Key West

The city is home to Florida Keys Community College. The cost of training for foreigners in it is $13,000 per year.

Real estate in Key West

Key West is a location for wealthy investors. The price range for houses with one- to five-bedrooms is from $750,000 to $3.8 million.

Guide to the islands in Florida: where to buy real estate?

Venetian Islands

The Venetian Islands is a chain of artificial islands in Biscayne Bay, between Miami and Miami Beach. The chain includes Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island, Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto Island and Belle Isle. The islands are connected by bridges known as the Venetian Causeway.

Climate and infrastructure in Key Biscayne

The center of the island is Key Biscayne. Previously, it was a coconut plantation, and today it is an oasis in the middle of a megalopolis. In the hot summer, it is comfortable here thanks to the constant breeze. The picturesque Rickenbacker Causeway connects mainland Miami with the barrier islands. The inhabitants of the islands enjoy the atmosphere of the resort, live in a tropical paradise and at the same time have direct access to the city center.

Interesting events and places

Despite the fact that the island is located outside the mainland line of the metropolis, it has its own developed infrastructure. Key Biscayne is full of life, festivals and fairs are constantly held here. The most exciting events and locations are the following:

  • The annual Key Biscayne Regatta;
  • Sony Ericsson Open Tennis tournament;
  • Key Biscayne Arts Festival;
  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, where a collection of rare antiques and ancient sculptures is presented.

There are many shopping centers, markets, cafes, restaurants in the city, the most visited of which are Rusty Pelican, Kebo, Novecento. Here you can taste haute cuisine and enjoy the sound of the surf.

Education in Key Biscayne

Residents attend Miami-Dade County public schools. The Biscayne K-8 Center Educational Center is located directly in the city.

Real estate on the island

Real estate prices range from $499,000 to $59 million.

The average cost of real estate is $12.55 million (as of March 2023).

Guide to the islands in Florida: where to buy real estate?

Fisher Island

Fisher Island in the Atlantic Ocean is known for boasting many protected luxury residences of celebrities, who choose it for a measured life surrounded by island nature. If you are interested in deluxe class houses and villas in Florida, you can buy a property on Fisher Island.


The peculiarity of the island is the presence of a private privileged community Fisher Island Club, open only to residents of the island. There is the best infrastructure for a comfortable life:

  • A medical clinic;
  • Supermarkets;
  • A modern fitness center;
  • A tennis club with 18 courts;
  • A golf club designed by the famous architect and golf course designer P.B. Dye;
  • Shopping malls: Island Market, Spa Internazionale, The Links Golf Shop и Tennis Pro Shop;
  • Spa: Spa Internazionale, Salon di Bellezza.

Education on the island

Fisher-Island Day School teaches children grades 2–8. Nearby is Academy, which ranks 16th among all Florida public schools and teaches students up to grade 12.

Real estate of the island

Residential properties on Fisher Island are represented by luxury houses and apartments, most of which overlook the ocean.

Real estate prices

Price range: from $2.8 million to $38 million.

Guide to the islands in Florida: where to buy real estate?

How to buy real estate on the islands?

Florida attracts millions of tourists and thousands of real estate investors. In 2022, the state became the fastest growing in the United States due to low taxation, affordable prices for real estate and accommodation, and a mild climate in the vast majority of its cities. The temperature in winter averages 20 °C. Living on islands enhances these benefits by adding new ones:

  • Walking distance to some of the best beaches in the world;
  • Constant sun and tropical vegetation;
  • A variety of entertainment: water activities, nightlife in the atmosphere of an eternal resort, the opportunity to visit museums, historical sites, parks and nature reserves.

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