New buildings in Florida – the best in 2022

New buildings in Florida – the best in 2022

Extensive construction, almost double compared to pre-COVID-19 times, continues in Florida despite the rise in the cost of this process. However, tourists and investors are drawn mainly by the attractive non-standard real estate in Florida and the unusual projects. The state capital, the city of Tallahassee, does not provide much news on this topic as the construction here is quite ordinary. Attention is generally focused on new buildings in Florida in the more famous cities, primarily Miami, Tampa and Orlando.


Miami World Centre

The grandiose Miami World Centre recreation and entertainment complex is already partially operational although the completion of its construction is only planned for 2024. In the centre of Miami will be a large multi-functional complex comprising many shops, restaurants, exhibition areas and other facilities. The creators position it as a «city within a city». You can spend the whole day in this kaleidoscope of entertainment and impressions. The centre of the complex will serve as World Square – a square with an adjacent park where, in the shade of large trees, artist exhibitions will take place. In the nearby buildings, visitors will find numerous restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

Real estate in Miami World Centre, Miami

The complex has two residential towers: the 60-storey Paramount Miami World Centre and the 43-storey Caoba skyscraper with luxury apartments.

The 43-storey Bezel Miami World Centre building was commissioned in 2022 and is one of the best, new, luxury real estate projects in the city, offering premium long term rental apartments . The building has an extensive infrastructure. Numerous famous entertainment and recreation places in Miami are situated within walking distance. In addition to a modern gym, a swimming pool and a wellness studio, there are lounge areas for relaxing and banquet halls for the brightest moments in life. Renting a studio apartment with an area of 50 m2 will cost about $2,600 per month.

New buildings in Florida – the best in 2022

The Elser, Miami

Among the many buildings commissioned in Miami in 2022, The Elser Hotel and Residences stands out with several qualities. It’s built in a historical place – where the Elser Pier was located at the beginning of the XX century, one of the favourite places for walking and recreation. Elser inherited a magnificent view of the ocean and a convenient location in the central part of the city. In addition to hotel rooms is a wide range of apartments – from studios to 3 bedroom apartments. The infrastructure of the building includes a large swimming pool, a gym with modern exercise equipment, a lawn for outdoor recreation with a barbecue area and a cafe for residents and guests of the complex. The administration allows you to keep pets but no more than two per apartment. Renting a studio here will cost from $4,500 per month.

Water Street Tampa

The city of Tampa, the third most populous in the state, attracts buyers of apartments in Florida with its calm pace of life, developed infrastructure and its convenient location on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico near the best beaches in the USA. Along with individual residential buildings and private buildings, the developer periodically implements projects for the development of entire districts.

Water Street comprises16 blocks of residential, commercial, and administrative real estate located on the shores of Tampa Bay. The project has been developing since 201 and approx. 3,500 new homes are expected to be added to the city's housing stock by 2027. In 2022, the Asher skyscraper was added to the previously built multidisciplinary buildings Heron Residences and Cora. It has 490 apartments, ranging from small studios to spacious two-bedroom apartments. They are available for rent for $45 to $60 per square metres. The building has a fitness centre, a large outdoor pool, spacious terraces, and a variety of furnished rooms for parties and entertaining friends. The interior decor of the apartments is in a pleasant, functional style. The kitchen is equipped with the most modern appliances and the general saturation of the housing with control electronics will appeal to those who are used to living in line with the latest achievements of the convenience and comfort industry.

New buildings in Florida – the best in 2022

Single-family homes in Florida

Even when considering the numerous large residential complexes of recent times, the United States continues to be the same as 100 years ago – i.e., a country of private single-family homes. These houses are vastly different, including luxurious mansions in the most prestigious areas.

Below are two of the most expensive villas in Florida, completed and put up for sale in 2022:

  • A luxury two-storey mansion in Palm Beach - one of the most expensive and prestigious resort cities in the USA. Its population of 10,000 increases 2.5 times in winter, when the numerous millionaires inhabiting the city come here for the warm sunshine of Florida. A house for $79 million with 7 bedrooms and a total area of 714 m2 on a plot of 40 hectares is intended for one of them. In addition to the almost mandatory large swimming pool and a spacious terrace in the real estate of this level, the house has a private cinema, a gym and a separate guest house on the territory. The whole house is done in a colonial architecture with a courtyard (patio) common for these areas. But the most important advantage, of course, is its location – right on the ocean, in one of the most beautiful places on the Atlantic coast.
  • A large house in another iconic place of the Sunny State – Miami Beach. This resort town has long been a symbol of beach holidays and easy living, as well as a place of residence for many millionaires. Real estate here is very expensive, but a five-bedroom mansion worth $45 million stands out against the background not so much by the price as by the location - it’s located on one of the artificial islands with the Venetian Way Road that connects Miami Beach with the mainland. The remaining parameters are quite common for luxury real estate – a total area of 673 m2, a private heated swimming pool and an extensive terrace. The house plot is relatively small, slightly less than a hectare, despite the fact that the small island Di Lido, on which the house is located, is densely built up. However, there is a wonderful view of the sea from the living room.
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