Prime land plots in Florida for investment

Prime land plots in Florida for investment

If you're considering buying property in Florida, you're likely pondering what's worth investing in and whether it's a sound idea at all. Many seasoned investors argue that it's often wiser to buy land rather than finished homes. While Florida's property market offers a plethora of promising deals, making a final decision can be challenging. Should you invest in Florida land or opt for investment properties? Dive into this article to get some clarity.


Is buying land in Florida a good idea?

Investing in land can yield substantial returns, especially in the Sunshine State. It's a finite resource, and unlike some investments, it doesn't depreciate.

Land is generally more affordable than villas and apartments in Florida – it's relatively easy to find a plot priced under $10,000. However, investors should bear two crucial points in mind:

Avoid flood zones: While land in these areas might come at a bargain, you will constantly grapple with flooding issues, especially if you intend to build on it. Moreover, marshy areas typically require draining, meaning you will either need to pump out water or construct barriers to prevent its return.

Beware of sinkholes: Florida has its fair share of land with sinkholes, which means you'd first need to fill them to make the plot construction-ready. This scenario can be risky and costly, so if the plot you're eyeing has a sinkhole, it might be worth broadening your search.

In conclusion, while buying land in Florida can be a lucrative venture, if the chosen plot is marshy or in a flood zone, such an investment could strain your budget. Preparing it for construction can involve obtaining numerous special permits, time, and additional expenses.

Buying land vs. purchasing a home in Florida: pros and cons of each strategy

Both land and homes in Florida present distinct investment strategies, each with its own set of advantages. When it comes to ready-made properties, there are numerous ways to see a return on your investment, including reselling the property, renting it out, setting up a bed and breakfast, using it for storage, and more.

Contrastingly, land provides investors with primarily two avenues: either develop it or employ a 'buy and hold' approach, waiting for its value to appreciate.


Securing funds to buy a house in Florida is generally straightforward, given the wide range of financing options available. Even with a low credit score and a modest initial deposit, you can still find ways to acquire property.

However, financing land is more challenging than for ready-made properties. Many banks are hesitant to provide loans for such purchases. If a financial institution does agree to lend, expect higher initial deposits and monthly repayments.

Purchasing a ready-made property usually involves lower upfront costs. Mortgage monthly repayments tend to be lower due to the reduced risk and the higher value of the property.

Given the above, if you're considering investing in land, it's advisable to consult with several banks to secure the best interest rate and repayment plan.


Maintenance is one of the costs that can make buying a home an expensive endeavour. In contrast, land initially requires minimal outlay, aside from tax payments.

Homes need repairs, renovations, and various improvements, whereas land, if you choose a hassle-free plot, won't become an additional burden. If you're not planning to build and are buying for resale, the plot will maintain its appearance with little to no upkeep.

Where in Florida is the cheapest land sold?

Before you set out to find land in Florida for just a few thousand dollars, bear in mind that you always get what you pay for.

More affordable plots typically come without utilities and might be situated in flood-prone areas or labeled as wetlands. Additionally, it's crucial to be cognizant of zoning regulations that could limit your desired utilization of the property.

Bay County offers the cheapest plots based on price per square metre. Polk, Jackson, and Brevard are other affordable investment locations in Florida.

If you need a smaller plot, consider checking out properties in Putnam, Highlands, Washington, and Duval counties.

Investment idea: buying land for construction in Florida

An acre of land in Florida can cost as little as $8,600. Such prices can easily be found in Bay County, which also boasts some of the priciest ready-made homes – making it a prime location to consider for a construction-based investment.

Bay County is home to numerous state parks, so a plot here could be used to build a holiday rental property. However, as previously mentioned, you should familiarise yourself with the local zoning laws in the area.

Top investment spots in florida

Here's a list of prime locations in Florida suitable for land investments, especially if you're considering future residential or commercial construction. We've included property prices to give you an idea of the potential resale value of a finished building.

  1. Delray Beach

Listings for sale: 236

Average property price: $650,318

Price per sq. m: $3,756

  1. Port Charlotte

Listings for sale: 225

Average property price: $506,170

Price per sq. m: $2,906

  1. Port St. Lucie

Listings for sale: 174

Average property price: $473,047

Price per sq. m: $2,518

  1. Rockledge

Listings for sale: 85

Average property price: $466,722

Price per sq. m: $2,486

  1. Homestead

Listings for sale: 201

Average property price: $512,675

Price per sq. m: $2,530


So, is it worth investing in land in Florida? Yes, it's certainly worth considering. If you approach the quality assessment of the plot diligently and research zoning laws, such investments can be a great addition to your assets.

However, all investors are advised to diversify their portfolios, incorporating various assets, including ready-made or under-construction properties. For novice investors, it might be better to opt for a traditional strategy of buying an existing property or venturing into the holiday rental business. There are plenty of such opportunities in the state, offering a steady rental income.

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