Experts advise investing in the “pearl of Florida” - real estate in Palm Coast

Experts advise investing in the “pearl of Florida” - real estate in Palm Coast

Palm Coast in Florida, located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, is called the “pearl of the state” in real estate. Experts note that the highest income can be obtained from renting out inexpensive houses on the embankment.

Sunny beaches of Florida, picturesque islands, crystal clear springs and cozy towns have always attracted vacationers and investors who want to buy “second homes" for themselves. At the same time, the Florida real estate market has shown unprecedented growth over the past three years, which caused the rise in price of numerous properties. However, if a potential buyer has a dream of becoming the owner of his own house on the beach, he definitely should pay attention to the location of Palm Coast in northeast Florida. On average, the price of houses in this area is $345,000, and rental income can reach 7.13%. On average, Palm Coast property owners earn $43,120 a year by renting out their real estate.

Palm Coast, located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts with a relaxed lifestyle and privacy from the hustle and bustle of the city. Census data show a 19% increase in the population over 10 years. The location is also popular among tourists. With year-round sunny weather and world-class golf courses, Palm Coast and nearby Flagler Beaches are among the best golf destinations in Florida. There are many parks and beaches, more than 200 km of cycling and hiking trails. Guests can go kayaking, fishing, boating and bird watching. Many family restaurants and shops create a sense of community.

On average, houses are two times cheaper compared to the megacities of the state. Palm Coast is a great place to rent real estate due to its popularity among tourists and a variety of areas that serve almost any needs. In certain areas of Palm Coast, you can buy single-family homes in indoor golf clubs, houses built on seawater canals, and even houses built on fresh water canals. There is often a great demand for real estate there from boat owners who need access to water.

Before buying, experts recommend checking whether there are any restrictions on renting in the area of interest. In some communities, there are rules that restrict or prohibit the rental of real estate. For example, certain private oceanfront golf course communities prohibit short-term rentals. In general, experts say, Palm Coast and Flagler Beach are rapidly developing and growing, and now is the best time to invest in these areas of Florida.

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