The Best Cities in Florida to Buy a Property to Live in

The Best Cities in Florida to Buy a Property to Live in

Florida, often referred to as the "sunny" state, attracts not only foreign investors. Internal migration in the United States is also very active, therefore real estate in Florida is in high demand. People buy property both as an investment and as a relocation housing. What are the best places to buy an apartment in Florida? The choice is wide enough, you can choose both exclusive and expensive seaside housing as well as cozy and more budget apartments in the suburbs.


Where is the best place to buy property in Florida?

Miami remains the most popular city in the state. It is associated with luxury and a resort lifestyle. For instance, villas of many world celebrities are located on the front line. However, to call the city the only attractive place in the state would be wrong. Miami, with its active vibrant resort lifetime, may not appeal to everyone. You should consider your own requirements for the quality of life and only then find where it is better to buy an apartment for a pensioner and which areas suit young professionals or families with children. Typically, the criteria to be considered include:

  • Quality of life and level of safety;
  • Infrastructure, including transport as well as shops, hospitals, schools;
  • The state of the labor market;
  • The quality of the housing stock and its cost.


The best cities in Florida by the sea

When it comes to buying property in Florida, one of the most important factors are its location or proximity to the sea. In this regard, in Florida, in addition to Miami, you should pay attention to Tampa. This is an actively developing city, less teeming with tourists but with a high standard of living. The only disadvantage can be a relatively gloomy climate in the summer. In Miami, the number of sunny days per year is higher.

Another popular Florida destination is Hollywood. This is a small town 25 km from Miami. People are attracted here not only by snow-white beaches, not as crowded with tourists as in Miami Beach, but also by affordable real estate prices, as well as the developed infrastructure of the city. Housing here is cheaper than in other popular resort locations in the state.

Any of the Florida coastal resorts can be considered not only for permanent residence, but also when you are wondering where it is better to buy an apartment in Florida for rent. The profitability ratio of housing here is consistently high, since thousands of tourists come here all year round.

Buying an apartment in Florida: what you should know

There is no universal answer to the question of whether to buy property in Florida. Much depends on the goals and personal taste preferences of the buyer. But if the state were unattractive to live in, internal migrants would not flock to it in large numbers.

Regardless of whether it is planned to buy a home as an investment or to move to permanent residence, it is worth considering a number of nuances:

  • Types of housing. Homes in Florida can be private as long as they are freestanding and not part of the townhouse line. In the latter case, residents are required to comply with the rules set by the owners' association. They also apply to owners of apartments in condominiums or cooperatives. The rules concern not only the amount of payments for the maintenance of common property, but also for living conditions. For example, there may be a restriction on keeping pets or renting out housing.
  • Order of purchase. It concerns documentation and deadlines, which are also set by the owners association individually within the existing community.
  • Mortgage restrictions. If we talk about cooperatives, then a feature of this type of real estate is the lease of a land plot. Usually these are complexes located by the sea. The land is leased for a period of up to 100 years, during which the owners pay the rent for the land. Usually, banks do not approve the purchase of property in cooperatives with the involvement of mortgage loans. The reason lies in the leased land. And this means possible difficulties with the sale of housing in the future, since not every buyer is ready to pay in cash.

Therefore, when figuring out where it is better to live in Florida for a foreigner, it is worth considering not only the location of the object, but also the type of housing.


The best cities in Florida to move to permanent residence

Let's look at a few of the state's popular regions to help potential buyers figure out which city is the best place to buy an apartment in Florida.

  • Sunrise is a small town on the coast with a population of about 100,000 people. The city has everything you need for life: supermarkets, hospitals, primary and secondary schools.
  • Palm Beach is an ideal place for those who value privacy. The population is only 10,000, although it triples during the peak tourist season. The city is in demand among tourists due to the beauty of nature, a large number of green spaces and magnificent beaches.
  • Orlando. This is the largest city in the state, known for its theme parks. It is convenient for transfers: there is an international airport on the territory. The climate in the region is mild, there are no cold winters. The downside is only a large number of tourists, which are especially numerous in summer. Because of this, infrastructure difficulties can arise.

Housing prices in Florida

Despite rising prices, the housing stock in major Florida cities is still cheaper than in cities like New York or Boston. The final cost of real estate directly depends on a number of aspects:

  • Location. Seaside houses are valued more than those located away from the sea.
  • Area and number of rooms. COVID-19 has had a direct impact on the taste preferences of potential buyers, with many looking for more spacious homes.
  • Quality finishes. The more modern and comfortable the apartment, the better the residential complex in which it is located, the higher the price.

Real estate agencies in Florida offer apartments for $300,000 and up. Exclusive premium properties can cost up to several million dollars. These are spacious seaside villas in resort towns. Demand is catching up with supply, but you can still choose housing in a wide price range.


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