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Apartments for sale in Aventura, Florida, USA

Aventura is a suburban area of Florida's largest resort, Miami. The city is less than 30 km away from it. This small town attracts a flow of tourists with water cruises, large golf courses, and developed entertainment infrastructure. Apartments in Aventura for citizens of other countries can become a cozy home when relocating to permanent residence, a location for seasonal holidays, or a profitable investment in foreign real estate. The pricing policy of the region makes housing affordable. Property for sale in Florida is available for different budgets. Housing in the region includes flats in multi-apartment buildings and condominiums, private houses, and cottages.

The Lifestyle in Aventura

The city is well-known for its good infrastructure. It is home to one of the largest medical centers in Florida and the largest shopping center in the state, Mobil Four-Star. Many canals pass through the territory, uniting in a single water artery, where water rushes out to meet the ocean. Numerous popular golf courses are located in the region. You can buy a flat in Aventura and enjoy the beautiful landscapes or lead an active lifestyle. The beaches are half an hour away.

Apartment prices in Aventura

The cost of apartments in Aventura is dependant on several points:

  • area and number of bedrooms
  • exclusivity of the residential complex
  • the condition of housing, and the quality of repairs and finishes

You can buy apartments in Aventura for $170,000 to 200,000. These are 1-bedroom apartments with a small area. The average price of a 2-bedroom home is $300,000 to 400,000. The starting price for a 3-bedroom flat is $400,000. Exclusive real estate can be sold for $1 million or more.

Investment apartments in Aventura

Investing in apartments in Florida is potentially profitable. Prices in the state are gradually increasing, so you can find apartments in Aventura for investment and living with a long-term strategy. In this case, it will be possible to resell the housing by capitalizing on the value. But the most affordable way for making a profit remains the income received from renting out real estate.

Buying an apartment in Aventura

Developers and real estate agencies in Florida publish their ads in the catalog. On the website, you can find flats for sale in Aventura and other popular locations in the state. All information is relevant, and you can choose prices in euros and dollars. The search engine allows you to set filters and select the type of property you are interested in and determine your price range. Specialists are ready to provide you with assistance at any stage of studying the catalog. Moreover, you can get answers to your questions through the feedback form. Check out the best sales offers right away and find your dream home!