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Apartments for sale in Sunrise, Florida, USA

Sunrise is a cozy suburb of Fort Lauderdale, located 42 km from Miami. Apartments in Sunrise are an opportunity for foreign nationals to invest in real estate with an advantageous location. Overseas buyers are attracted here not only by comfortable climatic conditions but also by the affordable cost of housing. Property in Florida provides access to developed infrastructure. The city has everything necessary for life, including sights, social and medical institutions, schools, and shops. Housing is suitable for both permanent residence and investment. The population of the region is just over 100,000, which makes it possible to forget about the hustle and bustle of large megacities.

Lifestyle in Sunrise

The calm atmosphere is focused on a broad range of residents. The development of the community was originally planned to attract the attention of wealthy pensioners. Following them, buyers of various age groups appreciated the advantages of living on the coast. Here are 3 reasons to buy an apartment in Sunrise:

  • An extensive selection of real estate. Modern complexes offer both cozy apartments and luxury penthouses with well-developed internal infrastructure.
  • Comfortable climatic conditions. After living in regions with temperature variations, the difference is especially noticeable.
  • The accepting attitude of locals towards citizens of other countries makes it possible to easily adjust to a new place when relocating to a permanent residence.

Apartment prices in Sunrise

The cost of housing depends on the number of bedrooms, the area, the degree of comfort, and the quality of repairs. You can buy a flat in Sunrise with 1 bedroom for $350,000. A 2-bedroom flat costs $470,000. A penthouse in a new residential complex with a full range of amenities is sold for $1,100,000.

Prices are related to the number of housing units on offer and the demand, as well as market dynamics in the USA. Therefore, you should clarify the final price before booking the property.

Investment apartments in Sunrise

Overseas citizens can purchase foreign real estate in any of the US regions. To take a closer look and choose a place to stay, you need to have a tourist visa. To save money from inflation, you can find apartments in Sunrise for investment and living based on a long-term strategy.

The past two years have shown an increase in housing prices. They are expected to increase by another 10% this year. This allows you to make a profit through the resale of housing in the short term or long term.

The real estate market offers commissioned and ready-to-sell real estate, as well as off-plan properties. New buildings in Florida make it possible to save money when purchasing housing, as prices always rise by the time the complexes are fully completed. You can also profit from renting out a unit. The city is popular with tourists and known for the quality of its beaches, so flats for sale in Sunrise are in great demand.

Buying an apartment in Sunrise

The catalog contains ads from local agencies and developers about the sale of housing in the region. This information is up-to-date. You can discover the cost of an apartment in Sunrise in any currency. Filters in the search engine allow you to set prices in euros and dollars. Specialists are ready to provide qualified assistance in choosing and purchasing an apartment in Florida You can receive up-to-date advice by filling out the feedback form.